A moment in time


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The sky is purple, the sky is pink.. it’s blue, indigo, yellow, certainly orange, green in parts…. I take my sneakers off, roll my yoga pants up. I can barely breathe.. the ocean looks a light blue, comforting and deep. There was a mirror on the surface of the water, and the remaining light was shimmering on the very top. The waves were breaking and the current was coming in quick. I knew there was dolphins close.. there had to be. I started to laugh, my four legged bestie and i took off running towards the mighty pacific at top speed. Splash. I started spinning, I couldn’t believe this moment was happening. Maxi didn’t know what hit him.. running around with his little legs and underbelly soaking, a pretty hilarious site as he’s a fluffy dog. He was literally dancing, as was I. The colors were changing before our eyes. I did a number of 1 handed cartwheels before I realized I was actually freezing cold. So we walked back towards reality.Imagel



A beautiful portrayal of ‘the meeting of the minds’


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“At our first meeting, we talked with continually increasing intimacy. We seemed to sink through layer after layer of what was superficial, till gradually both reached the central fire. It was an experience unlike any other I have known. We looked into each others eyes, half appalled, and half intoxicated to find ourselves together in such a region. The emotion was as intense as passionate love,yet there was nothing sexual about it, at the same time all embracing. 

I came away bewildered, and hardly able to find my way among ordinary affairs.”


(Autobiography. Routledge, 2009)

‘Presence’ isn’t overrated


I love yoga. It’s that 90 minutes in a day when my mind isn’t spinning out of control with plans to take over the world and rock the shit out of everyone.
Thing is, in reality, I’m cooped up in bed with green and orange socks on, chastising myself for being a lazy fuck.

After a day of some solid cerebral yapping with me brain, I yearn for that hot sticky room filled with Santa Monica’s Sinewest – take that, I just made up a word. Fibrous tendons. Stretching Everywhere. Love it.

Anyway, here’s my point.. All I wanted was a bit of RnR ifyaknowwadimean. Well, in comes substitute teacher, namaste.
SUBSTITUTE TEACHER NAMATE has decided that these 90 mins will indubitably be dedicated to the happenings of her shitty, impossible week. “I mean, my friends are lyk, you have the best sense of humor, lyk, what can’t you handle Lizzie!!! (insert breying sounds. Yes, brey like a damn donkey.)
And what are we? 50 over zealous personal therapists who want nothing more than to soothe your inner child by laying around silently imbibing your frantic deep set need to be heard and loved?
silent therapists bending over in down dog, who are slowly beginning to negatively associate the one activity that we find truly freeing… To the sound of your voice.

Let’s fast forward 60 mins, lotsa sweaty bodies, and many a frustrated sigh later..
Substitute teacher namaste took a turn, and started to discuss the importance of patience, and of seeking the silence within.. That strength whereby no external factor can affect you, because you are… In all intents and purposes, a blank slate, divinity… energy in motion. True essence.

The more frustrated I was getting by her incessant talking, the worse it got. Well naturally, as that’s where I was directing my energy.
The moment I made a conscious decision to redirect my thoughts.. To be silent, within.. And that her talking should in no way influence my inner tranquility. Soon, my breathing deepened, and this is what I heard her say….

“The difference between the mundane, and the miraculous; Is a shift in perspective.”

I feel like I’ve heard that before, but it never really meant much then. I guess I wasn’t ready to hear it. I mean, think about it… HOW COOL IS THAT! We we humans have the ability to make every single moment as rich, deep, loving, memorable, and happy as we choose. 

I’m a firm believer in the idea that people/ things/ situations/ opportunities/ phrases reach one only when the person is ready to receive the information, and not a moment sooner, nor a moment later.
I haven’t been able to shake that line. It’s stayed with me, and I am so very thankful for. 

I’m still digesting the deep quality of assuage, beauty, faith, and pervading hope that such a phrase delivers..

That is, if you choose to heed the wisdom and rise to the challenge, Of course.




Improv, & the search for ‘I’


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I joined an improv class. Why did I join an improv class? Hmm, well, because I’m currently unemployed, and in the ‘soul searching’ phase of my 20s. {lol, excuses}. Oh, and I live in LA- so it’s sort of a rite of passage around these parts. Every moment in this city gives you the feeling that anything is possible and that you’re on the verge of fame. Nonsense; but inspiring all the same.

I joined improv because I can be so damn uptight sometimes. I don’t know why, and I never know when. I change like a chameleon depending on my mood and fancy. It’s a bit disconcerting, but I’m rather unpredictable, to myself.. if that makes sense? nIt’s like having the New york stock exchange, with all of it’s demolition and potential wrapped up in my cerebellum. It’s a real hoot livin’ up in here. I never know when i’m gonna be miss can’t shut the fuck up, or the painstakingly awkward chick in the corner. Errrday is a surprise. 

Anyway, back to improv… {i hear many a professors words echoing “stick to the point, stop rambling, pia! make some sense, Gawd”} So, improv.. it gets you out of your shell, and how. What’s so great is that the weirdest shit turns into socially acceptable behavior within the confines of that creative space. I don’t have to regulate my mood, censor myself, or speak up. I can just… be.. Pia! or Miley. Pop culture joke anyone? or a chicken! PACAW!!! on command, I will be a chicken. and everything fades away.. 

Class comprises of 16 people, none of which know each other. All we really know of each other, is our names, after really driving them home on day 1; very telling stuff right there, not. Besides that, I could be messin’ around with a room full of sociopaths and axe murderers for all I know. A fun lot all the same.

I stand across the stage from someone, ‘Alex’, he calls himself. Who knows who Alex is.Alex probably doesn’t know who Alex is. Anyway.. all i know is this dude in front of me was somehow herded into the realm of this class, thanks to society and the insanity of life. Maybe deep down we’re here for the same reason? or maybe he just wants to pick up chicks. Who knows.

Anyway.. the teacher counts up from 1, to 10. I’m told to explore my emotions and any feelings that emerge with the word ‘love’. 1, being a teeny bit of love, minute amount of passion. 10 being OTT in your face I fuckin’ LOVE. Nothing is prepared, everything is based on instinct. And that’s so fucking cool!! No premeditation.. no one knows what they’re gonna do next, or what anyone else will be doing. It’s living in the NOW like never before. This sort of mirrors my day to day struggle of “which form of pia will i be today?” without any worry of what will spew forth. It don’t matter! You’re okay. I’m okay. That’s what this class and its inhabitants tell me via my subconscious. 

Everything is okay!! everything is accepted. and guess what? in improv, when you fuck up- that’s called GROWTH, and the biggest fuck ups eventuate in the most hilarious spontaneous comedy out there. Fantastic. Sounds a bit like life? But with do-overs. 

If only we could learn to live life through the personification of freedom and self expression. Ah, Utopia. But for 3 hours a week, that’s what I do. I live in the now, I live to be free, and I connect with total strangers on the strangest of topics. But one thing is for sure, we all walk away with a heart that weighs a heck of a lot less than when it walked in there. Renewed and rejuvenated, we’ve touched our core.

love to all simmering NYSE’s. ; )


I am a pluviophille. Yes maam, I am.


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There’s little I love more than Rain. The sound of it pelting to the ground..
The feel of it washing over me, as I succumb to the feeling of being utterly drenched. And in that moment.. all is inerrant.

Buried deep within my very essence lives unparalleled emotional memories; happy associations with this magical phenomenon.
I think I can comfortably say that I’m the epitome of a self-confirmed pluviophillie. For me, the very idea that it could be raining elsewhere.. somewhere.. anywhere.. makes me happy. THAT’s how much I love r

ain. The harder it pours, the happier I tend to be.

People think I’m nuts whenever I express my genuine exultation, and preference for the rain. I agree, maybe it does sound a little perverse.. But hey, i’m just playing into the beauty of human distinction, taking a moment to revel in my individuality. No one else who ever lived, and who ever will live can experience what I experience when it rains… and i take pride in that.
I take pride in knowing that those very emotions and sensations are mine for the taking, I created them, forever a part of me, my identity.

Knowingly or unknowingly, my plethora of experiences from living out the human condition have lead to precisely this moment. And in this moment, I am experiencing the wonder of self. One person, in the grand scheme of things.. surely, how could they matter? They matter.
I matter.. you matter.. because every second of every moment, we are contributing to the eternal mind, the ethos that houses all human experience and emotion. Everything that’s ever been felt, wished for, or yearend for.. all the love, and all love lost, exists. All of this lives, in a space parallel to our own.. where everything that was, and everything that could be exists in harmonious bliss.

I love Rain!! I want to dance and sing like a lunatic at the very thought of it. Throw my hands in the air and jump around in circles.
I say I love rain in this moment, I love it so deeply, but I cannot speak for the person I’ll be tomorrow. I can barely acknowledge who I was yesterday. I was a different person yesterday, and I’ll be someone new tomorrow. But in this moment… in this moment… is love.

The power of accepting my minority opinion on rain provides me with the power to exist alone, as a singular point of light.
Just like all of you, with your preferences and opinions, I own all my memories; all the joy, and all the heart break, that has lead me to this precise moment.
And in this very moment in time;
I am in love with rain. All of a sudden, it excites my brain, washing away all the strain
In a moment, I forget there was ever any pain.
It soothes my core, having me begging for more.
A clap of thunder.. it makes me shudder.
I am reminded that all is at peace,
And from me that part you stole, has been returned, I am now happy.. I am now whole.

An apt conclusion to this stream of consciousness would be…. you guessed it. Rain.
Oh please let it rain!?
It’s windy as hell.. and anything is possible when it’s windy as hell.
Time to stretch, let the rain dance commence.


Such a cutie. This me how I feel 😀


Our Existence


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We’re all infinite pieces of light.. billions of separate bodies, living out diverse human experiences in unique, wonderfully creative ways. The basis of what defines us, are two complex components of nature, and nurture.

Our DNA, our cells, our very genetic coding, our essence that has been passed on for generations..genes tweaked and twerked over years and years of time. Emotional memory, living within each and every cell in our body.. passed down for generations, living deep within the chasmic subconscious. This emotional memory is what trains that instinctual impulse within us. That undeniable voice that tells us if something is good, or if it is bad. Whether we choose to listen to that voice, or even acknowledge or trust it, is a different story.

We are a sum of all we ever were, all we are in this present moment, and all we, and our posterity, will ever be. 

It’s fascinating how our experiences shape us though, isn’t it? Some of them presenting themselves as immobilizing, deep rooted insecurities. Those of which we conform to confining ourselves within, for the purpose of creating ‘identity’. Conversely, when ying and yang play their immutable role, as they do in all of existence.

Voila.. in a moment, all is magic. You can feel it thudding through your veins, if you pay it any attention at alll and you’ll never forget. It’s a part of you, and that part has been saved, just a little. Resistance falls away, and you have revisited the feeling of being whole again. 

Ode to the Soul


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Sailing through the day, wondering what they’ll say..
Searching for soul, the very inner core of abstract law.

So powerful it pervades, if you dare to accept it.
The oasis to the key to infinite light lies ahead..

The mind struggles to cheat.. she is not ready,
there is much to learn.

To trust, is to lessen the burden.
Trust in every moment.. learn from the past, yet shun it as experiential.

Infinite beauty rests in all things;
as we, singular vessels of light, choose to experience every opportunity of momentous sight..
Gaining information for the giant data base of human experience.

We must never forsake our inner power..
..that golden fire burning bright, a beautiful blooming flower.

within our inner tower of personal power,
spewing all over the body, over my heart lungs, out into the energy space.

You are capable of anything.
Tap. Tap. Tap into that.
You are choosing to live the life you live.

I Love and revel in detail to the heart stomping music..
bumping and moving through my veins
it bolts and tugs
it poofs and plugs..

My mind is an array, what more can I say?

I observe and realize.. I know, and sympathize.



An excerpt from ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald


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When facing any life experience;

There is a formula.. a process, through which you may move toward mastery.
Simply make the following statements:

– Nothing in my world is real
– The meaning of everything is the meaning I give it
 I am who I say I am, and my experience is what I say it is.




We are all beings of light

We are all beings of light




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Happiness arrives not in the absence of problems, but in the absence of rules about when you can feel it. Just let it be. Growth comes from change, and happiness comes from acceptance. merrily, we’re built to do both at once”.



-The Universe

I subscribe to ‘Notes from the Universe’. They’re fabulous, each and every one of them. A wonderfully enlightened man named Mike Dooley started this email chain, and he brought forth the concept, and believes very strongly in ‘TUT’- Thoughts become things, What you give out, comes right on back to you. And you know what? He’s spot on.

The Monkey Mind


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Days in, days out, it gets soft, it screams aloud.

That’s the monkey monkey monkey mind, so illusive, yet not hard to find.
Oh, please don’t mind my monkey mind.. sadistically tugging at my side.

What you’ll find, is a light flickering in the distance.
A hope, a thought, a question.. one we’ve learnt to nest in.

We’ll find solace in the pain.. the inexplicable gain that stirs from acknowledging and respecting the human strain.
Now babe, that’s just the name of the game.

Acceptance and love, it’s always enough.
All this lofty stuff, alleged ‘fluff’ is the root of it all.
How easy it is to stall, and recall the growth and progress, shadowed by that inevitable stress.
Oh that angst regarding purpose.. it’s sure to resurface, the rules unknown, yet the patterns carved in stone.

Over and over, the monkey mind will surface, questioning and festering any progress thats occured.
Deep in your heart, however… you know your soul has been stirred.